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Does the thought of setting a monthly goal make you cringe?? I get it. We are so busy with every day life that the thought of thinking of something to accomplish for the month and holding yourself accountable for it seems like such a task.


I actually enjoy setting monthly goals! You should know that I do not always meet my goals, BUT I do make some sort of progress. I’ll take some progress over zero progress any day!! The reason I like focusing on a goal for a month is it’s something I have control over and whether or not it gets accomplished or progress is made towards it…depends on ME!


Whether you have tried to or not, I encourage you to give monthly goals one more shot! Since January, my 5th graders and I have been writing monthly goals…they love it and have had a lot of success. These goals can be fitness, health, career, spiritual, educational, relationship goals etc.


For example, my April goal was to do yoga or pilates once a week. I wrote this goal on an index card and put it on my work desk so I would see at work during the day.


This month, my May goal is to get super organized and Spring clean my classroom and my home. I wanted to declutter two of the spaces I spend the most time before summer break in June.


Here are some simple steps you can follow to set up your own monthly goal!


Monthly goal setting steps:


-Step 1: Think about this question and write your answer.


What one thing would I LOVE to accomplish/make progress on this month?

(Think of something that will make you happy, successful, or a better person)


*Example: I want to declutter my classroom and home.

-Step 2: Write 1-3 actions you need to do to help you reach your goal.



1) Each week, I will focus on one room in my home to declutter.

2) I will stay 15-30 after school for 1-2x a week to organize my classroom.

3) By the end of the month, I will have a bag to donate to Goodwill.


-Step 3: Put this goal somewhere were you can see it every day so it stays on your radar and reminds you to put some energy towards it.

*Example: on your desk/ on your mirror/ on a wall calendar you see daily/

by your bed/ on the fridge


-Step 4: At the end of the month, reflect on your goal by thinking about these questions…


Did I meet my goal?

Did I make progress towards it?

What could I have done differently?

Is it something I still want to work towards?



GOOD LUCK with your May goal…you got this!!!!

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