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Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and friends and enjoyed some delicious food! I hope you ate whatever you wanted and that you didn’t feel bad about it…no need to!   Thanksgiving food tends to be a little heartier and you may eat more in quantity...

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Okay ladies, let’s face it…since we were little girls, the media has bombarded us with what we should look like, and some of us bought into it and would feel not so awesome about ourselves (been there!). Now that we’re more fabulous and wiser, we SHOULD feel confident...

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  • Let’s revisit this fun #TotalBodyTueaday with one of my favorite fitness models, she’s a trainer, and @nbctitangames competitor @shannonshape 😘
Know why I love training/collaborating with other fitness pros?! I love learning new movements and because we all have different strengths!
Shannon's stability and explosiveness is awesome🙌 so it was fun having her share some new movements with me! Tag your training squad and do work!
🔷25-30min AMRAP (you pick!)
[15 reps of each movement]
🔸Row Tuck + Pike
🔸Goblet Squat + Curl (at bottom)
🔸Banded broad jump + Burpee
🔸Plate Pop-ups
🔸Thrusters on bosu
  • ❤️
Today is #MLKday and I’m so thankful for him teaching us to use our voice to not only stand up for ourselves, but to stand up for OTHERS.
I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting this past week after 5 days of the teacher strike...and it made me realize how little other things matter (like posting the perfect workout, cute photo, or promoting products etc.).
When you participate in things bigger than changes your view on reality and makes you want to do MORE service and help others. It really puts things into perspective✨
 Tomorrow is day 6 of our strike...standing up for kids and public education...and I’m READY! We got this!!!
  • Why I like filming check my form!!
This was my last set of ring dips from my training the other day and I can tell I was tired lol. I like to see what my form looks like when I’m tired so I can make corrections and be aware of what I usually resort to under fatigue.
When I work on these next week, I’m going to make some adjustments so they’re prettier💁🏽‍♀️ 😃
Try filming yourself at least once next week...maybe your first and last set to notice any changes in your form!
  • ✨Shout out to everyone attending the #womensmarch2019 today!! I WISH I could be there with poster in hand, but I’m in desperate need of some self-care/rest after this strike week. Gotta be ready to come back STRONGER on Tuesday!
Did you know that about 70% of the LA #teacher workforce are women?! Yup!💁🏽‍♀️ So keep standing your ground on what we’re fighting for! 🙌
  • Day 5 of the LA teacher strike. (And our first rain free day! Yessss!)
I made the mistake of reading some comments on a news post about the strike and ooh weee they made me feel some type of way😡. “Teachers are babies, only care about themselves, barely work and have too many days off, are always complaining etc.”
I stopped reading and took that as fuel to keep FIGHTING FOR OUR KIDS and what they deserve!!! I know how hard I work and how much I byeeeeeee👋 with those negative/ignorant comments!
We’re out here making history and making sure those higher up remember our students are NOT customers!! ❤️
Let’s be real, of course I’d love to not miss out on getting paid...I have bills like everyone else💁🏽‍♀️...but this is IMPORTANT!👊
#redfored #educationisnotabusiness @utlanow #utlastrong
  • 🍎Day 4 of our LA teacher strike and I have managed to get some training in every day🙌...only after I got an afternoon nap in though because it’s been exhausted
One thing I did though was listen to my body and it told me it did NOT want to move fast🙅🏽‍♀️ I did a metcon on Monday and I was moving sloooow
So I decided to do my own thing the rest of the week...lifting and accessory work! It was the perfect choice for my crazy week.
I went at my own pace, things felt heavier than usual, I didn’t get to everything I wanted to do, but that’s okay! I still felt strong and liked not being rushed.
Stay strong out there teachers!! We got this!!!
  • #wcw ❤️Mother-daughter @xo.rachelpitzel and Harper for the LA teacher support!!! 😍How cute is this! Love that Rachel is showing her daughter at a young age to stand up for important things!
We are still going strong on day 3 over here in LA! THANK YOU for wearing red, checking in on your teacher friends, honking when you see us out there, letting us use the bathroom, bringing food/drinks/rain gear! We appreciate it all!!!
#Repost @xo.rachelpitzel
We St🍎nd With LA Teachers ❤️
Teachers are the backbone of our society raising our next generation
Public servants accept less $$ in exchange for benefits & pensions. My mom was a public servant (social worker) & it’s HARD WORK with little pay
Our teachers will be striking for:
🍎 better pay
🖍 smaller class sizes
✂️ more resources like nurses, librarians, counselors 📌 less testing
@laschools responded by suggesting classes go up to 39 kids in elementary school! They’ve wasted millions & millions & now want to hurt our kids?!
OH HELL NO!! @utlanow ✊🏻✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿
I’m using this experience to teach my kids about activism & standing up for their beliefs 🥰
For LA parents ~ these organizations are open for FREE during the strike
🍎 @lazoo with $5 chaperone tickets
🖍 @nhmla
✂️ @lacma
📌 @gettyvilla
🚆 @metrolosangeles with free rides #strikeready
Another day of striking for our students and schools ❤️, so I thought it’d be fitting to throw it back to this fun playground edition workout I did with @jillpenfold !
Any busy mommas out there taking kids to the park to practice a sport or play after school? We gotchu!
Find the playground and have fun moving!💪Tag some moms who would love to try this!
🔶4 rounds of:
🔹10R/10L Single leg step ups 🔹20sec Hanging tuck holds or 12 knee tucks
🔹10R/10L Ab Splits
🔹10 Shoulder taps + push-ups 🔹10R/10L Reverse lunge with hop 🔹15 Reverse crunches
🔹40 mountain climbers
 Thank you @alizascharf for letting your daughter Shoshana have fun with us! 💗💪
  • 👊WE OUT HERE!!!! Creating change!! Even some of our students, parents, and community members joined us!😭
It’s all for the KIDS!!! (Because you know we’d rather be in our classrooms teaching!!!!) ❤️
Thank you for all the support (we have no idea how long this strike will last). @utlanow ☔️ #utlastrong #utlastrike

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