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Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and friends and enjoyed some delicious food! I hope you ate whatever you wanted and that you didn’t feel bad about it…no need to!   Thanksgiving food tends to be a little heartier and you may eat more in quantity...

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Okay ladies, let’s face it…since we were little girls, the media has bombarded us with what we should look like, and some of us bought into it and would feel not so awesome about ourselves (been there!). Now that we’re more fabulous and wiser, we SHOULD feel confident...

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  • 😊I asked my husband to snap a photo of me when I got home from the @michelleobama event Thursday because I didn’t take any photos (only vids). ✨
I wanted photos to remember how happy I felt!! Real life in our fancy backdrop or thought out posing 😃
Some of you wanted to see the full it is in photo 1! This is one of my fav go to dresses because it’s fitted, bold color💙, and a good length for certain events! I got it for probably under $30 at F21 like two years a good bargain🙌
Photo all about MOOD!! YESSSS!!!😍💁🏽‍♀️
  • Still on 🌥cloud nine after last nights @michelleobama event!! Not only were her and @traceeellisross AMAZING to listen too (hello QUEENS👑)...I had the opportunity of a LIFETIME!!
I got to open the show on stage with a special segment with 4 other awesome share what WE are becoming in front of 17,000 people and to hear her voice before we came out was everything!!! I could hear all my students cheering when they saw me...gave me chills to know I could make them proud!!
Grateful to share my voice and my #iambecoming with all of them and now you!! 🙋🏽‍♀️
My name is Tiffany -- I am a physical education #teacher – at GALA - the first all girl public middle & high school in LAUSD & California… I am becoming a role model to empower young girls to be healthy and fit.
Who are you becoming???? #dreambig #michelleobama #becoming 🤗
(Will post behind the scenes from my stories!)
  • Two things I’m excited about today:
1️⃣ I’m SO EXCITED for @michelleobama TONIGHT at the Forum (I can’t wait to share!!!🤩)
2️⃣ I have a clean progression with different equipment for ya!! I love cleans!!
Equipment: med ball, dumbbells, and a barbell! (You could also add KBs after DBs!)
Work on your technique with these progression so that you feel confident when you get to the barbell! Don’t just stop at the dumbbells... give that barbell a try because it will make you feel so awesome😏
  • #WCW 💘Did you know you can lift heavy barbells (and still be cute)🏋🏽‍♀️and play dress up and feel feminine/beautiful!! YES of course you knew this because you are smart and awesome!😏
@lenanoori is a 3rd grade teacher who is dedicated to living a strong, active life and is an awesome healthy role model for her students! They are lucky to have her! Between lesson planning, grading, taking her own professional development classes, and tutoring... she makes time to get those reps in!
Do you or someone you know like to lift heavy and play pretty?! #Liftheavyplaypretty because I’ve love to see you do both!!! (And feature you!)😘
  • #TotalBodyTuesday ...let’s do this!! This week is NOT for time🙅🏽‍♀️, it’s all about strength and using your breath & core to get you through these movements! Swipe through if you need to see any of the movements!😃
💪5 SETS 💪
1️⃣ 5 Heavyish Backsquats (135lbs here)
2️⃣ 5R/5L Single Arm Strict Press
3️⃣ 15 Hollow Rocks
4️⃣ 10 Bicep Curls
5️⃣ 12 Curtsey Lunges (85lbs. here)
6️⃣ 15 Leg raises + hip thrust
  • Yesterday I went to my one of my favorite power yoga classes taught by @1johnsanjuan’s so much more than a yoga class (🤗it’s like good human class 101 meets self-care/body connection). I LOVE it. Puts me in a great state of mind and pushes me to explore new things. 💛💛💛💛
I’m a grateful person and every day I find that it serves me more and more with happiness. Sending so much LOVE/SUPPORT to all the people who have been affected by nature and human tragedy this past week...and to those who continue to serve our country in spite of everything...THANK YOU!!!❤️💙 Thank you @1johnsanjuan for talking about this crazy week in class yesterday 🙏🏼
  • I’m not asking to be polite...I REALLY want to know!
I ask my students to check-in on a scale of 1-10 (10 being best). I’m an 8 right now because my home is clean, I get to do two fun workouts, but I had a bad sleep because of a knot in my back. You?!
Today I’m attending a charity event at @carriespilatesplus hosted by @danielle.stead + @alyssazakaria for mental health awareness...such an important issue! So this simple question seemed perfect for today. 💓
We all have our busy lives, stress, joys, etc...and it’s nice to check-in on people you come across, co-workers, & closer people in your life.
Also, when someone asks you this don’t always have to give the quick, polite answer “I’m fine or well.” Be real! ✨
I asked a man in the elevator how his day was going and he said, “Whoa it’s been a rough one with work, but I picked up my dinner and going home to relax, so it’s about to be better!”
YES to keeping it real!!!
  • Good girlfriends are EVERYTHING!😍Call, text, email, visit one of your friends this long weekend!! We all get so busy with work and life, but even a simple text saying “thinking of you!” goes a long way💓So thankful for these two!
  • 🙊Confession...I am not as physically strong as I was 2 years ago.
🤷🏽‍♀️ I can’t hit my old PRs today. Weight like this that was easy to throw around is more challenging today in wods. I may not always RX the weight in my Crossfit workouts (either because it’s too heavy or I prefer a lighter weight).
BUT...I can still do ALL of my movements. I still lift heavyish (even if it’s not closer to or more than my PRs). I still FEEL STRONG even though by numbers it’s not my strongest.
My lifestyle has changed...I’m not having daily 2hr training sessions and practicing every lift weekly. And that’s OKAY!! I know that if I wanted to get my strength back up I COULD with changing up my training and dedicating a little more time (but that’s not where I am right now).
The other day I squat cleaned 135# (more than body weight) a couple times in a workout and I was FEELING MYSELF knowing that even though I hadn’t done it in a body still had the strength for it. It wasn’t 165 like i used to be able to hit, but I’ll take 135 after a hiatus!💁🏽‍♀️
Anyone else experience this?! (Knowing you used to be stronger, faster, etc.)

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