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My First Dexa Scan

My First Dexa Scan

Have you ever taken a body composition test? I’ve tried about 5 different methods, but I was so excited to try the Dexa Scan for the first time because I heard it was the most accurate body composition test out there. The reason I like to take 2-4 body composition...

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Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and friends and enjoyed some delicious food! I hope you ate whatever you wanted and that you didn’t feel bad about it…no need to!   Thanksgiving food tends to be a little heartier and you may eat more in quantity...

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  • Coming up on my 6th year of Crossfit and I wanted to shake things up a bit! I usually do class or my own programming, but this week I decided to kick off CrossFitter @brookeence 8 week @nakedprogram .
It’s been so FUN to do lifts and movements I haven’t done in a while and work on building strength back (without having to plan it myself). Eating has been on point too and I’m feeling GOOD!!!
Feeling in a rut?! Try a new program and commit to it, switch up your workout activities, hire a trainer, get outside, etc. Have fun with it!!!
Here’s some behind the neck jerks which was cool because I’ve only done behind neck a couple of times!! Core was working to keep me stable!🔥Love working on form with lower weight 👌
  • What a MAGICAL day!!!!
BIG thank you to @maurihelena of @girlsempowermentexperience for making the time to do her workshop with my 8th graders today!
I seriously get emotional thinking about what a special and empowering opportunity it was for my girls😭and how every girl could benefit from this!
She shared her story, led a yoga warmup, did team fitness, taught self-defense, journaled with powerful questions, and closed with a meditation and that gave us all the feels! (All in 1 hour!!😱)
So grateful to have connected with this amazing human!! I LOVE learning from others and I’m so happy I got to witness her in action!
Can’t wait to have her back next week for my high school class!!
  • 😃Yesterday I kicked off a Body Love project with my high schoolers that will be a school wide project and I’m excited!
We talked about self-esteem, body confidence, and how our bodies are MORE than sexualized objects or for decoration.
We discussed what our bodies CAN DO and why we should show it LOVE daily because of all it provides for us!
We listed 5 things that we love about our body and why...I encourage you to do it too!! Here’s my list..
1️⃣My 😁smile because it can make someone’s day better
2️⃣My 🧠brain because I’ve been able to learn so much and teach others
3️⃣My 👀eyes because they allow me to see the 🌸beauty in people and in every day things
4️⃣ My body allows me to have the ⚡️energy to move every day, but let’s me know when I need to rest/slow down🐢 
5️⃣ I’m able to grow muscles and train them to get stronger and do things I never could before 🏋🏾‍♀️
6️⃣(bonus haha) The calluses on my hands🤚🏽 because it reminds me of how powerful my body feels when it has a barbell in its hands 🏋🏽‍♀️
I would love to know something on your list because YOUR BODY IS AMAZING!!!!😍 Share below!
  • Meet @ahirshkiss !!🤩
Ali is a wellness educator at an all-girl school and yesterday I had the privilege of visiting her for the day and learning about the wellness/PE program and seeing her in action!
She is so knowledgeable and is able to relate so well to teens! It made me happy to know that the girls were learning amazing things there!!
The younger we can educate our girls on physical, mental, and emotional health...the more confident and smart they can feel as young adults!
I got to see talks on slut shaming, mindful eating, fitness workouts, and team games! So excited to take what I learned from her and put it into practice!
Collaboration and observing others is so important! Who are you learning/growing from?!
  • 📣#PLLTotalBodyTuesday and all you need is a pair of dumbbells!
This is one from two summers ago, but I took out the built in rest (and the music so IG doesn’t delete it lol)...give it a try! Only 16 MIN. workout when you’re crunched for time! 😃
4 rounds of...
1 min - suitcase deadlifts 
1 min - renegade rows 
1 min - thrusters 
1 min - ab roll-outs (if your DB aren’t round like can use an abs wheel or do plank walkouts with a 3-5s hold at your furthest hold point)
#PLLstrong so I can see you move!😘
  • My kinda compliments!!🤩 These are WAY more meaningful to hear...wouldn’t these make your day!?
Try using these with your fam, friends, co-workers, neighbors, etc.!
Teachers use these with you students.
Parents use these with your kids.
Let’s add more to the list! Whatcha got?!
  • 1999. Sophomore year. 90s eyebrows. Bangs. High School swim team. #fbf
I’ve been so fortunate to have all my classes have a swim unit for PE and one thing it has taught me is the IMPORTANCE of getting kids comfortable in the water and learning proper swimming technique. My parents put me in swim lessons starting in pre-K and I continued in the summer through elementary school.
Summer is on the way (yay!) and making sure kids feel confident and safe in the water is 🔑 to them having fun and participating in water activities!
I have encountered a range of swimming abilities and some have 😬trauma from being thrown in the pool by adults (as a method to  learn) or near drowning experiences.
When and how did you learn to swim?!😃
  • Your life can feel a lil 🙃upside down when dealing with new stressors...but luckily I’ve had some practice😉
Yesterday, I went to my first GROUP THERAPY class! It’s a 6-week program that meets once a week for 75 minutes where we learn about stress, our personal stressors, and ways to manage them. This is through my insurance @kpthrive and my co-pay is $10 per class.
Have to admit, I was NOT excited about being referred to a group class instead of having a one-on-one therapy sesh😑. I was convinced it was going to be a waste of time and it was going to be awkward with strangers.
But when I arrived, I told myself to have a good attitude and to be open to something out of my comfort zone. And GUESS WHAT?! I liked it!
I learned about grounding, practice a new breath technique called square breathing, and I learned that my common signs of stress tend to come in the form of mental and behavioral expressions. (For example, once I was ordering a protein shake and for the life of me could not remember the word collagen, which is what I wanted them to add😬)
For anybody out there that maybe can’t afford one-on-one therapy and is skeptical about group therapy, give it a shot and be open minded! It could be a good first stepping stone before you see a one-on-one. Also, it’s nice to be around other people and hear what they’re going through and know that we’re all humans and we’re not alone.
Today my students will be reading an article on teen stress and how to manage it! I want to make sure they have knowledge on this too!
  • 💖#WCW @maurihelena the creator of the @girlsempowermentexperience ✨
Mauri and I met here on the gram and it was so awesome to connect IRL because  our vision for empowering girls is so aligned!!! She wants to empower girls to know their super power is believing in themselves💫
I’m so excited to be teaming up with her next week and have her come to school to work with my students! I’ll definitely share how it goes!!
Have a daughter, niece, group, students etc. that would benefit from her workshop?! Check out her page!

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