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My First Dexa Scan

My First Dexa Scan

Have you ever taken a body composition test? I’ve tried about 5 different methods, but I was so excited to try the Dexa Scan for the first time because I heard it was the most accurate body composition test out there. The reason I like to take 2-4 body composition...

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Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and friends and enjoyed some delicious food! I hope you ate whatever you wanted and that you didn’t feel bad about it…no need to!   Thanksgiving food tends to be a little heartier and you may eat more in quantity...

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  • Asking for a friend...
P.S.- We’ve all been there.
#reposted from @cyia
  • 4 MORE DAYS until 🌺Kauai with my love!! Sooo ready for our one year wedding anniversary week together!😍
Today’s agenda...bookmark all the food places I want to try😋😏 #priorities
  • Guess what my first PE sport/skill unit will be this coming school year?!😏
Yup!! It’s always a good idea to include something that is current so that student buy in is extra elevated! They have also been wanting a soccer unit too so it will be so FUN!
Last weekend at the @uswnt final game viewing party with @nikelosangeles , they asked us to sign a special message on soccer balls for the middle school and high school girls that were there. So awesome!
I have so much words of encouragement and wisdom for our I could’ve written on the whole ball and then some😜, but kept it short and sweet. ✨
“You are an awesome human. Do great things!!” 💓
I had finished my last set of 2 snatches at 85# and decided let’s try 90# because it’s been a LONG time. (Glad my phone was still recording so I could see this!)
I knew this wouldn’t be a strength would be all MENTAL and PERSEVERANCE.
It would’ve been SO EASY to stop after the first lift and say...oh  I’m not gonna get it today, I’m tired, not strong enough, or hope nobody saw that, I’m gonna stop.
Sometimes we have to pause. Step away. Eye roll🙄. Breathe🌬. Shake it off. Regain focus💆🏽‍♀️. Tell ourselves we’re capable🙌. BUT STICK WITH IT!
Don’t let your mental game stop you from achieving or trying things! And if you fail...beautiful! You tried! Try again later!
@nakedprogram 🏋🏽‍♀️
  • 💖#awesomehuman share of the week... registered dietitian @nicolecruzrd !
I came across Nicole’s page this week and I love the educational content and insights she puts out about nutrition...especially kids eating!
I liked reading her insights about a constant parent struggle of kids asking for dessert before dinner...haha i 💯 asked for ice cream before dinner as a kid😜!
Read her caption below and check out her page😃
#Repost @nicolecruzrd
Do you ever have those moments where you stop in your tracks? You don’t know how to react when they ask for candy or dessert or a treat? You're trying to raise a kiddo to have a healthy relationship with sugar, but when it comes to practical situations, you think, "What do I do?"⠀
Or maybe you just react 🙋 Yes, I often find myself reacting and then coming back and saying, "I don't know why I said that. Let's talk about it." We have so many ideas about food and nutrition programmed in us from our families, friends, and the culture we live in, it's easy to just shout out a response.
I am a huge believer in the division of responsibility from Ellyn Satter as the backbone for feeding our families. And one of her main tips (at least I see it as one of the big ones!) is to serve dessert WITH dinner. That in and of itself eliminates this very power struggle of wanting him to eat more before dessert. He can have dessert whenever he chooses during the meal (when you offer it).⠀
That doesn't mean you have to serve dessert at every meal, but at the ones you do, serve it WITH the meal.⠀
This is just one of the many scenarios I get asked about by parents. ⠀
So, I created this free guide, SUGAR SCENARIOS. It provides Practical Responses (what to say AND what to do) to Your Most Common Situations with Your Sweet Tooth Kid!⠀
  • ✨BRAND NEW #PLLTotalBodyTuesday friends!✨
This is a great CORE finisher for you with an added CHALLENGE➡️ not come down between movement transitions! Not there yet? Work up to it and build the strength!
I usually try to include this in the classes that I teach as a lil bonus at the end!
I have so many variations of this, but here’s my basic one before it gets too fancy haha!
Save it, tag a friend, try it! You could do this a couple times a week! Watch your improvement!
• 30s Plank
• 30s Right Side Plank (add floating top leg for extra challenge)
• 30s Left Side Plank
• 30s High Plank
• 30s Alternating Low to High Planks
• (repeat 2-3x)
  • 🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑
You are fabulous. You can’t please everyone...and that is quite alright💁‍♀️. Negative person/comment thrown your way? All good...doesn’t take away from YOU✨!😘
  • B I G 💙M O O D!!!! 🇺🇸🥳🤩⚽️🙌❤️💙🎉🇺🇸
So proud of @uswnt women who won the World Cup today!! Not only were WE warms my 💓heart knowing so many GIRLS all over the world are inspired to play and be great!!!!
It’s was so fun watching the game with our @nikelosangeles #nikelegacyteam fam! Thank you for an amazing soccer experience!
Major high fives for our @vb.fc coaches who genuinely love the game and want adults to have a safe space to play soccer regardless of level! See you soon on a Sunday in Venice!
  • ⚽️So pumped for the @uswnt finals tomorrow morning!!
After playing soccer for the last couple weekends, it made me wish I kept playing after 5th grade because I think it could’ve been a good sport for me!
But’s adult me working on my skills! Progress! Thanks you @nikelosangeles and @vb.fc 🙌

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