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Need to get back to training regularly? I know the idea of getting your fitness back on may seem overwhelming, but I promise you won’t regret it! Hard work, dedication, and motivation is what it will take- but in return you will be GETTING STRONGER and FEELING BETTER!!! Believe me, there are days when I get off work and training is the last thing I want to do. Once I start moving and get my training on, I NEVER REGRET doing it! Have fun getting back into your fitness groove or kicking off your new lifestyle!


  1. Plan your days and week around your workouts. We get so busy with work and life that we don’t find time to work out. Instead, plan your life around your health and fitness. Whether it’s hitting the gym, working out at home, or outdoors, pencil it in! Your health and fitness should be a top priority, because your body is the only one you get.


  1. Have a weekly type of workout agenda. Decide what types of workouts you want to do on your workout days (i.e. Monday- strength training, Wednesday- spin class, Friday- yoga). You don’t want to get to the gym and spend your time wandering around or bouncing around from machine to machine without a plan, which can decrease your motivation.


  1. Don’t burn yourself out too quickly. Aim for 3-5 days weekly of working out till you get back into your groove. Build your stamina back up at a steady pace. You may get sore so make sure you’re stretching and cooling down properly so you don’t get discouraged from keeping your workout regimen going.


  1. Switch it up. Strength training, cardio, hiking, kettlebells, running, hip-hop dancing, swimming, barre classes, yoga, pilates, spin, etc. Keep some consistency so you can progress in whatever type of training you’re doing, but you also want to keep those muscles guessing. Also, if you’re getting bored in the gym or it’s a gorgeous day, be active outside!


  1. Find a workout buddy. Whether it is your girlfriend or man, make a fitness date! You may be more motivated to workout if you know you have someone doing it with you. Hold each other accountable. You’re less likely to miss a workout if you know someone is planning on meeting up with you.


  1. Group classes or bootcamps. If you’ve never taken one or it’s been a while, it may feel like the first day of school, but don’t get intimidated! I’m such a fan of group workouts and do them all the time. Having all the motivated people around you and instructors guiding you so you don’t have to plan your own workout is awesome. Also, having the music blasting totally pumps you up and gets you working harder!


  1. Get a personal trainer. If you prefer one-on-one training and it’s in your budget, you may want to consider getting a personal trainer. Trainers can customize workouts to your needs, teach you proper form, help you with your diet, and keep track of your progress. Remember to find a trainer that you feel comfortable with and who motivates you in a way that you respond well to. You want to have a good relationship with them!


  1. Try something new. Is there something you’ve always wanted to try that may be outside your comfort zone? How about boxing, pole fitness, dance class, or Cross Fit to name a few! Check out other options your gym offers and also other places outside of your gym where you could pay for single classes or even ask about a free intro class. Class Pass is a great way to find new classes!


  1. Give your eating a makeover. We workout to be fit and healthy, but our eating is just as important if we want to see progress. You can’t have one without the other! It may help you to keep a food diary to get an idea of how you are eating so you can make adjustments to your diet. See a nutritionist if it’s in your budget, do research online, read books to find what works for you and your body’s needs.


  1. Being fit and healthy is a lifestyle. When you make it part of your lifestyle, you get to enjoy working out more and feel better overall. Find that balance that works for you and your body. The best thing about your body is that it’s YOURS! We can make positive changes for ourselves and we have full control of the outcome.


Have fun getting your fitness on! Do work!

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