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Have you ever had a body composition test? If not, you should! It’s such a helpful tool to accurately measure your body muscle mass and fat mass. So many people rely only on the scale to check their weight loss progress. Instead, you should be looking at your muscle to fat ratio. Muscle weighs more than fat, so if you’ve been training hard and lifting heavy, the scale can be misleading when you see the number increase as you put on muscle (i.e. gains!)


So ditch the scale (so it doesn’t drive you crazy and give you misleading info)! By using your muscle mass/fat percentage instead of the number on the scale, you get a better view of what your body is made of and what range your body fat falls under.

Here’s a Body Fat Percentage breakdown for women (may vary depending on the chart used):

-Essential Fat: 10-13%

-Athletes: 14-20%

-Fitness: 21-24%

-Average: 25-32%

-Obese: 33%+

There are many online body calculators, but the best ways to get a good reading are getting an in person test done, like a Dexa Scan. The Dexa Scan not only gave me a breakdown of my body composition, but also our heart rate, resting metabolic rate, and total energy expenditure.

Remember, this is not something to obsess over. I never encourage people to get caught up in the numbers, but I have found that learning about my body composition and getting it tested a couple times a year has helped me to stay on track with my goals in a healthy and realistic way!

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