When we started CrossFit, we were both pretty tiny. Rose and I were both fit and active, but had never really put on much muscle mass. It wasn’t until we started pushing ourselves to lift heavier and eat more quality foods, that we were finally able to put on some muscle and gain some awesome benefits from it!


After a recent chiropractor visit, I mentioned to the doctor that it had been a while since I had any issues with rib heads popping out. He told me it was due to the fact that I gained some muscle and wasn’t as thin as I used to be. This was crazy to hear because I didn’t even associate the two! Years ago I was constantly having this problem so it was pretty awesome to learn that my muscle gains were the reason I no longer had this issue!


*Here are some of the benefits we’ve found of gaining muscle!

  • -Increases metabolic rate so you burn way more calories at rest. (Yesssss)
  • -Keeps your body looking LEAN and TIGHT. Woohoo!
  • -Decreases chance of injury by strengthening all the muscles surrounding your joints.
  • -You get STRONGER!
  • -Allows you to build strong bones too and slow the aging process.
  • -More ENERGY!
  • -Better MOOD =D
  • -You can open ALL the jars lol.

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