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Ladies, stop wearing the wrong athletic shoes. I repeat, stop wearing the wrong athletic shoes!


Not all training shoes are created equal and they serve different purposes. It’s important to make sure you’re wearing the correct shoes for the type of workouts you’re doing.I’ve seen people trying to lunge in running shoes and they struggle with their stability because they’re trying to balance on this bulky, cushion base. The right athletic shoes make ALL the difference. You wouldn’t do as well in spin class if you’re wearing your running shoes instead of cycle shoes…so apply that to other types of fitness you’re partaking in!


I’ve gotten to the point in my life where I have more athletic shoes/sneakers than heels, and I’m completely okay with it! I definitely wear sneakers more day to day so I’ve learned to wear the correct shoes depending on what type of activity I’m doing.


When you shop online or go to an athletic shoe store, they separate the shoes into categories (i.e. running, training, walking, hiking, tennis, lifestyle, soccer, etc.). Take note of these categories and use those shoes for that purpose. If you know you play tennis, do HIIT training, and are a runner….invest on 3 different shoes for those activities. It will be worth it!

Nike has a campaign out right now where they’re trying to educate people on making sure you’re training is the correct type of shoe…so important! Below are my 4 favorite type of Nike shoes that I’m using right now and LOVE!



Nike has stepped up their training shoe game when they came out with the Metcons…and these are the Metcons 3s! These are my go to shoes for CrossFit workouts and for HIIT classes. These are my everyday traning shoes since I’m mostly do metcons/HIIT/lifting. I would recommend these if you’re looking for a new training shoe!

I wear these 5-6 days a week so here are some reasons I like them:

-Super cute! So many great color combos and you can customize them!

-The heel is low enough to not bother or cut up my heel if I wear low socks

-Stable bottom of the shoes, but still flexible enough for jumping and lunging

-Good for rope climbs because they have these extra grip areas

-Even though they’re not running shoes, they’re good for shorter distances still (I keep it under 3 miles)

-They’re actually good for lifting too!



When running (especially longer distances), it’s nice to have more cushion and support at the base of your shoe to absorb the shock from hitting the ground. If I’m going for a run, I switch out my training shoes and opt for a running shoe. I’m breaking in my new Vapor Air Max shoes and it’s like running on clouds, which I like! I live in the city so most of my running is on cement and pavement so it’s definitely more comfy to have a little more cushion and ankle support.


If I’m planning on just having a barbell day and want to lift, lifting shoes are awesome! The shoes have a hard, flat, stable base, which is perfect for olympic lifting. These shoes tend to be heavier so only like to use them strictly for when I’m doing strength pieces or barbell technique. Ha these are my version of “heels” at the gym…oh heyyyyy!


Lifestyle shoes are not for workouts! Sometimes I will catch people in the gym in their cute lifestyle shoes…save those for cute outfits and walking around. I’ve recently stepped up my “athleisure” looks and it’s so fun to pair sneakers with a fitted dress or frayed jean shorts. The relaunch of the Nike “Cortez” have been my jam lately! They fit so well on the feet and are fun to style up!

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