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With summer approaching, I was thinking about how stressed and worried women get about being in less clothing and swimsuits…and believe me I get it! You’re wearing something that just covers your business and maybe you’re still working on your health & fitness goals and feel like you’re not “there” yet.


Last summer, I spent two weeks in Italy for my cousin’s wedding and spent a lot time by the water…it was amazing! One thing I noticed was how comfortable the women over there were with their bodies…it was awesome! Cellulite, stretch marks, large breasts, small breasts, abs, no abs, long legs, short legs, thigh gaps, thighs that touched, older, younger…they all still rocked their swimwear and seemed content!

If you haven’t noticed, bikinis, small shorts, and sports bras are my favorite things to wear and I definitely wear them often! I wasn’t always this comfortable though even though I was fit looking. We all have those “problem areas” that we get insecure about. With training, sometimes my weight fluctuates and I don’t feel as lean as I’d like to.When I feel like this, I remind myself of all the amazing things I can do with my body and try to replace those negative thoughts that creep up from what society or the fitness industry tells us.


When I started CrossFit, I would see women of all sizes wear fitted booty shorts and I could not get myself to workout in them for a couple years! I hadn’t worn shorts that fitted since I was rocking biker shorts as a kid in the 90s LOL. You’re putting it all out there in spandex shorts, especially when you’re moving haha! Now I wear them all the time and have just found pairs that make me feel comfortable so my booty cheeks aren’t hanging out and don’t dig into my sides.


When I turned 33 last August, I bought myself the skimpiest bikini I’d ever owned. If you would’ve told 20 year-old me, “Oh heyyyy your bikinis will get skimpier as you get older,” I would’ve laughed! I was so shy and a little insecure about buying bottoms that were cheekier…even though I had always admired women who had the confidence to so.

I’m here to remind you that we are ALL a work in progress (physically and mentally), so wear the DAMN BIKINI! OWN you’re body, LOVE yourself, and don’t wait to fit into your ideal swimsuit or reach your goal weight. Be proud of what you got and your journey! If someone judges you, that’s on them. Let’s all keep working on our body confidence because yes it’s a struggle sometimes (and that’s okay)! Getting to a place where you feel comfortable and eventually sexy in your skin is a GOOD feeling!


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