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It’s summertime and vacations are in full swing! I just got back from 3 days in Palm Springs and 10 days in Nicaragua…and it was amazing! When it’s time to step away from your normal routine, the big question is…how do I eat and do I workout?!


I know it can be stressful when you’ve been working hard in the gym and eating well…but don’t let that stress spill over to your vacation! You should not feel bad about enjoying yourself!


My main goal on my vacay is to have fun, get outside my usual routine, and relax! Life is so busy and scheduled…let yourself enjoy your time off!


Here’s how I handle eating and working out during my time away…



-Visiting someplace that has different food/culture?


I give the local cuisine a try! Nicaraguan food is very carb and protein heavy, with not many veggies. I wanted to experience different dishes so I kept my breakfast simple and closer to what I usually eat…eggs, bacon, and fruit. When it came to lunch and dinner, I had the local dishes! All the food is local, grass-fed, and organic…I wasn’t eating processed food which was great! I just had to watch the carbs so I didn’t feel over-bloated/uncomfortable.


-Visiting someplace that has similar food options to what you have at home?


If I eat all my meals out, I try to keep my eating similar to how I eat back home. When I was in Palm Springs, they were many restaurant options with good food options (i.e. steak fajitas and veggies) so I was able to eat well. I didn’t say no to chips and salsa though!

-All about that balance! Treat meals and adult beverages?


Yes, I enjoy vacation treats, BUT I don’t use vacation as an excuse to eat pizza, pasta, dessert, burgers, etc. every day. (Mostly because it wouldn’t make me feel physically good…the bloat would be real!) I usually get my extra calories from adult beverages on vacay…I’d rather skip the sweets and have a margarita…cheers!

-What if you’re on a strict eating program and you have to try to be as consistent with it?


I have never been able to do that on vacation BUT if you must, do your research ahead of time on the local cuisine and restaurants to scope out the menu and find places that have good options for you. Another option is to book a hotel that has a kitchen and do your own cooking!



-Want to take a rest week?


GO FOR IT! No shame in taking a break from your workout hustle to let your body recover and relax. The gym will still be there when you get back from your vacation…I promise!

[Sidenote- If your vacation is 2 weeks or longer and you’re eating is all over the place, you may want to include at least 2-3 days of being active a week for at least 15-25 minutes if you’re not moving much on your vacay]


-Want to be vacation active? (This is usually me!)

Play beach volleyball. Take walking tours. My hotel had a slack line out at the beach so I would do that throughout the day…sooooo fun! Ride bikes. Go paddle boarding. Surf.

-Have a hotel gym and want to workout daily or a couple days during your vacay?

Get your sweat on! Plan some workouts ahead of time so you’re not wasting time figuring out what to do when you get to the gym. I’d rather spend less time working out and more time enjoying wherever I am…so do some 15-30min quick HIIT workouts so you can sweat and then get back to relaxing or being a tourist. You can get some workouts from me on @theprettylittlelifters as well as @mymission360 (20% off using OWNYOURMISSION).

-Want to workout but have no hotel gym?


Get outdoors! Go for a run and explore the area. If there’s a pool, get a pool workout in. Get a body weight workout in outdoors or in your hotel room. You have options! You can also check if there’s a gym close to your hotel if you really want some equipment or a class.



Happy vacationing!!!!


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