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If you’ve been following me a while, you KNOW I’m all about the girl squad! I love hanging with my ladies and getting a group of bad ass women together to train and push each other.


Now while I’m all about the girl power, I do think there are some benefits to working out with the fellas every now and then! I train at a gym with a large guy population, and it’s no longer intimidating to me like it was back in the day. I feel confident, comfortable, and able to keep up (and sometimes pass up! Heyyy!) with the guys.


I enjoy lifting and doing CrossFit with the guys now, but there was definitely a time where I was going to a regular gym, and was so intimidated to practice doing pull-ups or lift…there were so many guys around, hogging the equipment, and watching themselves lift in the mirror (ugh!).


Since starting CrossFit and doing class workouts and open gym with the guys, it motivates me to work hard, get stronger, and it’s fun! Ladies, you’ll probably end up motivating them by making them keep up with YOU!


Here are 5 reasons why you should train with the guys:

1) They like to do strength training and use heavy weights. This can motivate you to pick up some dumbbells, barbells, and kettlebells AND bump up the weight. Strength training does a body GOOD!

2) When guys get in the zone, they can push you and MOTIVATE you to DO WORK! No fluff, no frills! Healthy competition is good!


3) If you’re single, you may meet your swolemate! (I did! Woohoo!)

4) You can CHALLENGE yourself and build gym CONFIDENCE! Maybe you’ve wanted to work on pull-ups, but you get intimidated in that male dominated area of the gym…you’re with the guys so this will help you feel more comfortable. Soon enough you’ll be confident at your gym or any gym you visit!


5) It’s FUN! Guys crack jokes and bust each other’s chops…comedy!

Have fun getting your workout on ladies! Show those gentlemen how you can TRAIN HARD! Add some GIRL POWER to the mix!




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