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It’s wedding season! I’m actually heading to one this weekend in Palm Springs and another the following weekend in Nicaragua! What better person to feature as the PLL of the week than the L.A. Bride Body creator Jill herself! Jill and I have a lot of mutual friends, but we finally got to meet at Lock Box LA during a crossfit class. Jill is super passionate about fitness, strong, and a total lady boss. She’s been keeping super busy sharing her program and fitness knowledge on KTLA news, BuzzFeed, and Home & Family recently! Go Jill! Here’s our Q & A…check it out!



Jill Penfold

What is your fitness background?

Having started as a trainer in 1997, I have a long history in the fitness world. I owned my own gym at 18 years old then travelled the world onboard cruise ships as a body specialist for 4 years. I then came to the states and began Crossfit. I train women and Brides-To-Be primarily, but I don’t turn anyone away. Fitness is life to me.

What is your favorite movement/exercise? Least favorite??

Most Favorite move would be Interval Sprints. It’s great for the mind, body, and soul. It releases unused energy and clears the mind.

Least favorite would be Push-Ups. As a women, I work extra hard to make my pushups as strong as possible, but they die out pretty quickly.

How often do you train? Do you follow any specific programming?

I train 5 days a week and I have two coaches. Cory Suess, my fiancé is my strength coach who also keeps my Crossfit skills up to par, and a boxing coach for conditioning and speed.

How did you end up living and starting your fitness business in LA?

I came to the states to be an actress and began working as a stunt actress. To make money, I went back to training and it all just began from there.

What’s your daily eating like?

I eat pretty clean. I avoid sugar unless it’s a special occasion. I enjoy fresh salads!! We shop daily so food is as fresh as possible. We also barbecue chicken most nights. Hydration is important to my skin and nails as it’s so hot in California, at least a gallon a day. It’s hard to drink that much so I consciously make the effort.

Mmm cheat meals…what’s your favorite?

Sprinkle covered donuts are my go-to. They taste like heaven.

Here comes the Bride!! You created the LA Bride Body program and talked about it recently on the show “Home and Family”…share with us why you started this and what bride to be can expect?

L.A Bride Body is PDF based training program for brides-to-be who don’t have trainer or are unsure of how to get in shape for their big day. I see a lot of hungry and stressed out brides, and they rarely enjoy their wedding day. That has to change. I’m beginning to re-educated women on bridal training and give them the tools they need to be healthy, fit, and beautiful when the walk down the aisle. It was a natural progression for me as client after client that came to me was a bride. They also don’t have a huge budget for themselves, but they’re wearing an expensive gown for one day. My goal is to turn each bride-to-be in to a healthier and fitter version of themselves, that fits seamlessly into their dream wedding gown. Nutrition is key, and that’s the first thing you read in the program, or, if it’s a personal training client, our consultation pivots on a nutrition talk. Without a clean diet the transformation can be a long road. The benefits of a healthy diet is so extensive, I just wish I could wave a magic wand and show my clients just how beneficial it is.

As a personal trainer you have the opportunity to be your own boss…how do you balance your clients, your personal health/fitness, and life?

I have a lot of clients, I’m also engaged, and Cory is also a personal trainer. We balance work and home as best as possible by prioritizing and supporting each other. I schedule in my workouts so they are part of my day that way there’s no excuses.

If you could give one piece of advice to women who are struggling with feeling confident in their skin, what would it be?

Set some goals that you feel will help you feel confident. Once you’ve set those goals, its important to begin navigating your way to achieving what you really want. Don’t do anything to please others, always make sure you stand strong on your own two feet and embrace every single day. You are also loved way more than you think. Be your own inspiration.

*If you want to learn more about what Jill does and her programs…check out her socials below!

IG @Jill_labridebody

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