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Once again the amazing fitness community brings another gem into my life! I met @danielle_elisa at a Reebok event at Speed Play LA and it just so happened that she followed the PLL IG (blushing)! We hit it off of course…how could we not when our birthdays are only a day apart, we’re both Virgos, and we love to eat! She is such a lady boss and she co-runs the awesome @reebokla space…it was inspiring to see her create something from nothing. If you haven’t visited for a workout or event, it’s a must! Danielle is all about the fitness community and bringing people together…love it!


Danielle Coderre

What is your fitness background?

I grew up playing soccer and after college was trying to find my next fitness activity. In 2010, I got introduced to CrossFit after moving out here from Massachusetts. It was exactly what I needed for both my fitness and my social life. I found my “tribe” as they say as well as the next phase in my fitness journey.

What is your favorite movement/exercise? Least favorite??

I love push-ups which is ironic since I used my legs for my entire life in soccer. Thrusters shouldn’t even be part of the English dictionary as far as I’m concerned…also ironic since, once again, my legs should be semi favorable.

How often do you train? Do you follow any specific programming?

For a while I was doing CrossFit 5 days a week, but currently I work for Reebok running our Collective and activation space in West Hollywood. Part of my job is taking classes around the city to see what everyone is up to in the fitness space (I know, worst job ever). The bouncing around is fun, but doesn’t allow me to keep to my own routine as much. I guess it’s just a new routine!

What’s your daily eating like?

As I tell my clients while coaching, “Do as I say, not as I do.” Haha half kidding! I don’t focus on any specific diet plan. I have versed myself in what’s good for me and what’s bad for me. I keep it in mind and generally follow healthy habits, but I am a self-proclaimed undercover foodie so…there’s that.

Mmm treat meals…what’s your favorite?

Pizza. All the pizza.

You opened up the first Reebok Showroom in LA…in 40 days! Say whaaat girl boss! What was that process like being a one woman show and how you like working for Reebok?

* an suby4 7hadjad djbkru7g4erabave * ← That was my brain for about 3 months hahaha! But really, thank you for the acknowledgement! It was one of the most challenging times in my career and as much as I did on my own, I also got some amazing support from the local community (including Ms. Tiffany from PLL! Much love girl) who helped me on late night painting projects, hanging TVs and shelving, and sometimes just moral support. My little ball of sunshine, Marie, also came on board in January, so now the dream team has gone from a one-women show to a two woman show! To see it all come together and watch people enjoying the space has been so rewarding.

Tell us more about the Reebok LA space and what you/Reebok hope to achieve with it.

Reebok LA consists of two Collectives – West Hollywood and Santa Monica (coming soon!). These Collectives are activation spaces brought to these cities on a local level to connect with the fitness communities in the most organic way we know how. We want to sweat with you, laugh with you, learn with you, and maybe even get a little deep with you. We host fitness classes, workshops, seminars, networking events…you name it. What I love about working for Reebok is that we never pretend we know best. We love to hear from the community and learn how to best fit the needs of who we are working for. I hope these are spaces everyone can come to enjoy ☺ Follow us @ReebokLA to see what we are about (shameless plug)!

Wake up call!! You recently did a “wake up at 4:30am challenge for 21 days”…what was that like?

Last year I was introduced to the @chasingsunrise crew who had started this 21 Damn Early Days challenge where everyone who signed up would be held accountable to wake up at 4:30am and give themselves more time in the day to do things that mattered to them. It was nice to get up- let me rephrase that. It was not easy, but was certainly rewarding to get up before the world started to demand my time for the day. Some mornings I got up and found a spot in the city to watch the sunrise, other days I got back to hobbies like writing or learning my camera better. They were hours for ME. So this past year, I went back at it for round two ☺ And no, it did not get easier haha!

You’ve gone on a WOD Adventure trips before and soon you’re doing another one to Greece! Reviews please…how’d you like it?!

@Wodventures is an amazing company that has allowed me to go on some of the most epic vacations that I never would have thought up myself. Two years ago I went to the Cook Islands and paddle boarded on some of the bluest waters I’ve ever seen, last year I went to South Africa and ran off a mountain, dove with the sharks, climbed a World Wonder, and went on a freakin safari. All I had to do was sign up and show up. I’ve met some of the most amazing people on these trips too. Everyone is like-minded and ready for adventure. I cannot wait to see what Greece has in store for us!

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