Practice Makes Progress

Photo by @cmoscat

Want to get really good at something? PRACTICE! There is so much fun stuff going on with fitness right now that people are setting some pretty cool fitness goals. My latest fitness goals are to get better at gymnastic movements like handstand walks, bar muscle ups, ring muscle ups, and yoga inversions. Like your parents, teachers, and coaches always told you growing up…practice makes perfect! Except we don’t need to be perfect…it’s all about PROGRESS!

You may workout consistently, but you have to set time aside for the extra skills/goals if you want to improve them. I started setting a timer for 10-20 minutes so I could just practice these skills before/after a workout or when I’m at home watching TV. Believe me, it helps!

When I want to practice my handstand walks, I practice before my workout or stay after to get a practice session in. I notice that practicing them after my workout was really successful because I was already warmed up! If you can make it a habit to practice a little every other day or every time you’re at the gym, you will see big improvements!

So set some extra time for YOU to practice whatever fitness goals you may be trying to meet that requires some extra TLC!! Figure out what you want to achieve and start making daily and weekly goals. You can do it!!!

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