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One of my favorite things about being involved in fitness, health, and blogging is all the amazing people you get to meet. I have had the opportunity to connect with so many amazing women who are smart, strong, driven, and beautiful inside and out! I love to surround myself with positive women who hustle hard and make fabulous things happen.


I met Katrina and her husband Ben at Brick Los Angeles and had an instant connection! Katrina was so passionate about cooking, health, and fitness…it was great meeting a like-minded total girl boss!! OOH and we both LOVE burpees!! (We may be the only two people who do LOL.) She’s a super talented actress and started a FABULOUS blog that’s informative and so fun to read. My favorite part about her blog is she shares her honest opinion and writes in a way that is easy to connect with.

photo by @benjorg

Katrina’s also a Class Pass member and when she told me more about it, I signed up and now I’m hooked! It’s been so fun trying new classes with her and have her school me in reformer Pilates classes…haha it’s helpful to have a friend who knows what she’s doing when the instructor calls out French Twist!


I’m SO looking forward to upcoming fun collaborations with her, so stay tuned! Here’s a Q + A for you to learn a little more about this fit babe! And check out her blog …so much goodness!



Katrina Kay Bowden

Photo by @benjorg


You recently had your one-year LA anniversary! How do you like living in LA compared to NY?

Yes! I LOVE living in LA!  After living in NYC for 9 years (and growing up in NJ before that) I was ready for a change…and some nicer weather!! The pace out here is way more my vibe and I love how health conscious California is.  There are endless fitness possibilities every single day!

You’re so consistent with working out and being active…any tips for making fitness a part of your daily routine?

Find something you love.  Or find something that you can get yourself to do consistently. If you hate running, don’t “decide to become a runner” because you’re setting yourself up to fail. Find a way to move and be active that you can enjoy, and maybe even get a workout buddy!  Having a fit friend or two to workout with can make all the difference!

What is your favorite movement/exercise? Least favorite??

Burpees are my favorite!! I may be the only one who thinks that haha! You can do them anywhere and it’s a full body cardio exercise.  I also love dumbbell thrusters- you hit everything in one movement and it gets your heart rate way up!

Least favorite would be snatches and assault bike.

photo by @benjorg

You’re a fellow Class Pass member…what are your top 3 workout classes in LA right now?

Ooh! So hard to choose! Other than BX at Brick….Ok, Barry’s Bootcamp, Carrie’s Pilates Plus and Prevail.

I know you love to cook! What’s one of your favorite healthy go-to dishes to whip up?

Salmon cakes is a favorite- we usually make them once a week.  And cauliflower fried rice- sooo good! Both are up on my blog

Mmm cheat meals…what’s your favorite?

A giant NYC everything bagel with lettuce, tomato, avocado, lox and onions. It gives you the worst breath but it’s soooo worth it!! Or a bacon burger with waffle fries.

You’re an actress and we know the pressure of looking a certain way is heavy in that industry…how have you kept a healthy relationship with food and working out without depriving yourself?

It’s been tough at times!  I haven’t always had a healthy relationship with food but it’s something I work on every day. There’s pressure to be super thin, but being strong and healthy makes me feel better physically, emotionally and mentally. When I weighed less I always felt tired and miserable- which was terrible for my self-confidence.  When I started focusing more on how I felt and less on the scale number, I became happier and experienced more success.  There are times where I have to “diet” before a role, but it’s always very short term and done in healthy ways like cutting out wine and most carbs (which is easier said than done! Haha!)

Photo by @benjorg

Fit couple alert! You and your husband are both so fit and healthy…how do you both keep it up together?

It’s so much easier to be fit and healthy when your significant other is the same way! We motivate each other! And if I’m feeling lazy and he goes to the gym, I’ll most likely also get my ass up and go.  No one likes to feel like the lazy one haha!

We also hike together a lot. It’s a great workout but also such a good way to spend time together and talk.

Love your FitKat blog! What inspired you to start your blog?

I’ve always been super interested in health, fitness and wellness.  When I ran my first full marathon, I was constantly asked questions in the press about fitness, training, food etc. and thought it could be fun to share all of that on a bigger scale.  I wanted to share my thoughts, opinions and experiences with other women in a very realistic, grounded way…cutting through all the fads and BS and get right to the point.  And that’s what I try to do with all my posts.  I love being a guinea pig and testing out the latest trends and I love connecting with readers about their experiences.  My blog continues to teach me new things every day and I love that.

Photo by @benjorg

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