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Hello strong beauties! My goal with PLL of the week is to introduce you to some quality, real, empowering, and inspiring women who are making moves…and this week’s PLL definitely fits the bill! Meet the PLL of the week @barbellbombshell Nicole! I came across Nicole on Instagram over a year ago and have been drawn to her commitment of shedding light on false fitness info that’s all over the place and promoting strength for women (which you know I’m ALL about!). She’s an athlete, coach, mom, wife, and gym owner in FL! Check out our Q+A below…it’s quality!


 Nicole Race


What’s your fitness background?

 I’ve been an athlete and a very active person all of my life. I decided to make it my official mission and career starting in 2012 by getting my personal training certification. That lead to eventually opening up my gym, Elevate, in 2013 where I have since had the honor to work with hundreds of people and help them change their lives through movement and nutrition.

What is your favorite movement/exercise? Least favorite??

My favorite movement is by far the deadlift. With so many variations and benefits, it should be a staple in anyone’s routine, regardless of their goals or abilities. My least favorite movement in a workout would be bar facing burpees… they’re not very forgiving for tall people 🙂


How often do you train? Do you follow any specific programming?

 I workout 5-6 times per week for about an hour. I follow our CrossFit programming at Elevate. At Elevate, we value sound movement, joint integrity, and a foundation of strength to build a healthy and functional body.

Hello abs and muscle! What’s your daily eating like?

I take a macronutrient counting approach to eating. Both the quantity AND quality of your food is equally important to sustaining a healthy body composition. The key is to fulfill those macronutrient targets with primarily earth-grown, nutrient-dense sources of food like lean meats, veggies, fruits, whole grains and healthy fats. Keeping a wide variety of those sources and experiment with different ways of preparing them is a great way to make your diet healthy, sustainable and enjoyable.


Mmm cheat meals…what’s your favorite?

 Cheese burger and fries.. hands down!

Lady boss! What inspired you to open your gym Elevate St. Pete in FL?

After getting my personal training certification and working for several gyms, I realized that I couldn’t attract the right type of client that I wanted, nor could I implement the training methods I believe in at any of those places. So my husband and I took the big leap and opened Elevate (formerly known as SPSC) in 2013. We went all in from the beginning – he left the comfort and stability of the corporate world and I quit working for the other gyms. We made it our mission to develop a fun, challenging and supportive environment at Elevate for people to thrive and reach their goals. The rest is history.


I love your honesty on social media and your YouTube channel! You call out fitness/nutrition myths and misinformation, and share great info! Tell us, why it’s so important for you to debunk some of the fitness info out there?


Unfortunately, the barrier to entry in the Fitness and Health industry is minimal to none…there are thousands of people with visible abs and an attractive Instagram profile that deem themselves “coaches” or “experts”. They’re misguiding the masses with gimmicky programs/products, shakes, pills and quick fixes by preying on people’s insecurities and lack of knowledge. I can’t stand the thought of people buying into false information only to waste their time and money, potentially leaving people worse off than when they started. It’s my mission to change the perception of strength training by women and to educate the masses on what it truly takes to possess optimal health. I want to help others end the vicious dieting cycles and become happy with their bodies by caring for it through strength training and sound nutrition practices. When you do the things that support and prioritize your health, the aesthetics are a by-product.

I’m ALL about the lifting (and I know you are too!)! Why do you think women should pick up a barbell and lift?

 The barbell has the power to be transformative for women. Not only does building muscle do wonders for your health and physique, it’s incredibly empowering. I want to help women shift their mindset from using exercise to simply burn calories and negate the food they ate to wanting to be strong, functional and powerful. I want women to work towards becoming MORE…more confident, more empowered, more functional by focusing their efforts on being strong, fast and powerful through barbell training. The fitness and health industry markets to women by telling them to be less…lose weight, lose inches, burn this, eliminate that… its incredibly negative. I want to disrupt the industry and show women what it really takes to love yourself – taking care of it with exercise, nutrition, sunshine, fun and healthy relationships.


What is your favorite way to feel pretty and confident?

I feel pretty and confident no matter what I’m wearing or doing. I honestly feel that I possess this happiness about myself because I make myself a priority in my life. Far too many women give endlessly to others and serve everyone else in their lives, leaving nothing for themselves at the end of the day. Investing in your self through nutritious food, consistent exercise and exploring your hobbies and interests is crucial to your own happiness. When you prioritize your own health and personal needs, you will be a far greater friend, lover, mother and colleague to everyone else.

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