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Introducing the Pretty Little Lifter of the Week…Lisa Johnson of @eatcleanla ! Lisa is a health coach, currently a nutritional therapy student, an editor for @TheFeedFeed , and beautiful inside and out. Her IG page is filled with soooo much healthy goodness (follow her if you don’t already)!!


Lisa gets creative with her recipes, makes mouth-watering waffles and pancakes, and is SUPER knowledgeable about ingredients. I LOVE how honest she is about what she thinks about certain products…like calling out Starbucks on creating the ridiculously, sugar-filled Unicorn Frappuccino…haha so much yessss!!! You should definitely watch her IG stories to see what she’s cookin’ that day…mmm!


Food is soooo important to our daily well-being (especially if you’re training!), and Lisa definitely doing her part to share her knowledge and passion with everyone! Read more below about Lisa from our Q+A!


Lisa Johnson

What type of training to you do to stay fit?

I like to switch it up. I get very bored doing the same exercise routine over and over. I rotate spin, yoga, hiking, Pilates, weight training, Crossfit and various workout classes all over LA. I am pretty much down for any type of workout. I genuinely enjoy exercise.

What is your favorite movement/exercise? Least favorite??

I love a good booty work out. Squats, lunges, stair climb, anything that will perk it up. My least favorite movement is pull ups and push ups. These scrawny arms just can’t do it.

Food is a HUGE part of your life! How has your relationship with food changed over time?

I used to have a very unhealthy relationship with food. I would starve myself to be skinny, and I was very unhealthy because of it. Once I learned that food controls everything in the body I started nourishing myself with real whole food and my health drastically improved. Food is the key to health and happiness so it’s my number one priority.

What does a typical day of eating look like for you?

Colorful! I try to eat a rainbow of color every day. I usually start my day with a nutrient dense shake with a ton of veggies, seeds, nuts, nut milk, collagen and low glycemic fruit. Lunch is the biggest meal of the day. I have a huge plate of greens, high quality protein, complex carb and healthy fat such as avocado or flax oil. Dinner is usually a little lighter but still consists of high quality protein and healthy fat. I actually love eggs for dinner. Between meals I snack on raw veggies, nut butter, and colorful fruit. In general, I avoid dairy, sugar and most grains. And I always try to eat fermented foods at least once a day. Gotta love your gut! My favorites are fermented veggies (sour kraut), kombucha, or coconut milk kifer.

Mmm cheat meals…what’s your favorite way to treat yourself?

OK, I know I’m going to get a lot of eye rolls for this, but I rarely “cheat.” I don’t restrict myself from anything I want so I don’t really have to cheat. I honestly crave real whole foods and junk food makes me sick so I don’t have the desire to eat it. Of course I love ice cream and pizza so when I have a craving I get dairy free ice cream or gluten free and dairy free pizza. Yes, they exist! Once you find “real food” subs for junk food you never have to cheat.

What inspired you to start @eatcleanla?

I want to inspire people to live well. I realized that I have a wealth of information about holistic health and nutrition and it’s my duty to share. I was put on this earth to teach people how to eat healthy so I use Instagram to reach people all over the world.

You’ve been studying like crazy (while working full-time!) to become a Holistic Nutritionist…give us an update on your progress and why you chose this path?

Yes, my life has been crazy lately, but so worth it. That old saying “do what you love and never work another day in your life” is so true. When I’m developing recipes for Eat Clean LA or studying for my degree in nutrition, it doesn’t feel like work. I graduate from The Nutritional Therapy Association in June then I will take a board exam in the fall. Once I complete the board exam and work 500 hours as a practitioner I will be a board certified nutritionist. Yay!

What money saving tips do you have for people trying to eat healthy/organic, but can’t afford to get groceries at Whole Foods every week?

You don’t have to shop at Whole Foods to get high quality organic real food. However, they do have a great bulk food section that can save a lot of money. (hot tip: they even sell spices in bulk) Otherwise, I always recommend Trader Joes. They have a wide variety of organic produce and quality grass fed meat. The farmers market is also a good place to buy seasonal produce and chances are, if you go to the same venders each week they will give you a discount. Also, research local butchers or online meat delivery. If you buy a large quantity of meat at once you will see huge savings. Lastly always buy seasonal produce. Seasonal produce is cheaper and you get a wide variety of nutrients.

Your IG posts always look so yummy! What is one of your favorite go-to dishes that you often make?

Definitely sweet potato waffles or banana pancakes. Nothing is better than a giant stack of healthy cakes. I love re-creating old fashion comfort food with new school ingredients. Some day I’ll write a healthy pancake and waffle cook book.


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