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If you haven’t been mesmerized @docjenfit movements and learned a thing of two about how to properly move…get ready to! I met Jen at a shoot at the Reebok Showroom LA and was totally wowed by her movement. Jen was so energetic and her strength and flexibility were amazing! She’s a Physical Therapist and provides such awesome inspiration and information. Check out Jen’s Q & A and follow her on IG for some fitness goodness!


Jen Esquer

What is your fitness background?

I did gymnastics for 9 years when I was young. Went on to teach pilates once I entered college. In graduate school, I got into calisthenics and starting competing. Now, I dabble in AcroYoga and workout daily!

What is your favorite movement/exercise? Least favorite??

My favorite movement must be the handstand! Keeps me sane getting upside down daily. My least favorite would probably be the military press. Should be very similar to a handstand pushup, but what can I say, I’d rather be upside down 😉

How often do you train? Do you follow any specific programming?

I train almost every day. I miss a couple days every week, depending on how busy I am. I don’t follow any specific programming, but write my own HIIT workouts and follow those about 3 times a week. Other than that, I lift, run, sprint, or drop into a pilates or yoga class when I can. I love to mix it up!

What’s your daily eating like?

My daily eating is typically pretty clean. I avoid gluten and dairy fairly often, but I definitely am not perfect and don’t beat myself up if I have a sandwich or the occasional pizza and wine. For the most part, I focus on eating clean – whole, real meals.

Mmm treat meals…what’s your favorite?

Oh man… There are probably too many! I have a huge sweet tooth! I love indulging on dark chocolate and red wine. But my treat meal will probably include pizza!

You’re a Physical Therapist…what advice do you have for people to prevent/minimize injury so they don’t have to take time off from training?

Stretch and mobilize your joints! Proper mobility should take time. That means sitting in awkward positions for a period of time combined with isometric contractions. I say awkward, because if something is stiff, it probably won’t feel so good! I highly suggest popping into your local therapist just for a full body assessment to see what areas of the body need focus and work on. We all have them! Becoming aware is the first step to success.

Your strength, stability, and flexibility are AMAZING! How do you maintain a good balance of all three?

Why thank you! I am always asked how to maintain strength and flexibility. The answer is just to do both! There is no this OR that. Strength is gained when there is increased load on the body/muscles overtime. Flexibility is gained when sustaining passive holds for extended periods of time. As long as you maintain consistency with both, you can be both strong and flexible! As for stability, I always suggest Pilates! It just provides such a good basic level of understanding the core and body awareness. I suggest it for anyone who cares about their body!


Any tips for athletes that have lost flexibility and want to be able to do cool backbends, splits, and holds like you?!

Stretch daily! Just like any goal, you must maintain consistency. There are no quick fixes for flexibility and every body will respond differently. There are two classes I suggest. Kinstretch classes are great for athletes that can’t stand yoga but want to increase their flexibility and mobility. Yoga is great for all the rest who love the breath work, meditation and physical challenge that comes along with yoga!

Love your informative IG posts about proper movement! What inspired you to start @docjenfit?

Thank you! I was originally @jen_es_care but realized people were no longer inspired by my workouts and handstands. Also, I was referred to as “Jen, the yogi” even though nothing on my page said I was a yogi! I just liked to be upside down and realized people like to put you in a box. So, I decided I wanted people to put me into a physical therapy box instead. I was afraid I didn’t know enough, but quickly let go of any fear and started posting tips (originally geared toward yoga) and people loved it! I realized I could actually provide true value and build a platform I was proud of! I’ve continued posting educational videos since then and couldn’t be more proud to still be doing it!

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