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I met Edwina at a @ReebokLA event and she was full of energy (I mean, her last name IS Cheer!) and amazing Australian slang/names for people…too fun! If you’re looking for high-energy and plyometric movements…you’ll have to try one of her workouts! She’s a hard-working girl boss looking to spread her love/knowledge of fitness with the world.

Need some new summer reading material? Edwina is the author of “The Mind Diet,” which shares how you can up your mental game to help you improve your health and life…good stuff! Enjoy learning about this Aussie fit babe @eddsthetics!


Edwina Cheer

What is your fitness background?

I grew up running competitive track and field. I am a certified strength and conditioning coach (CSCS). I have also competed with the NPC and prepped professional MMA fighters in sports nutrition.

What is your favorite movement/exercise? Least favorite??

Maybe it’s because I grew up in Australia but the kangaroo vibe is in everything I do – I love to jump and move as fast as possible.

My least favorite is probably abs. I hate crunches! But usually the things you hate the most are the things you aren’t that great at. Also – it’s the things you should probably do more of!

How often do you train? Do you follow any specific programming?

As a competitor I used to be very strict about my split. Fitness has meant different things to me over the years, but these days fitness to me is about expression and being of service to others because of my skill set in movement, weight loss, and weight training.

I love to hear the fun, random things you say when you teach a class! Haha, “Come on you sausages and sausagettes!” Why did you make the move from Austrailia and how does fitness compare there vs. here in LA?

I left Australia and I lived in Canada for 3 years, because I wanted to see the world. I moved to LA because honestly it was too cold lol. Australia has a great fitness community too and is very outdoorsy. Similar to LA, but I do love living here because I think there is the opportunities to reach people on a global scale in Los Angeles.

What’s your daily eating like?

Generally speaking, it’s a lot of food for the average female. I have a little more muscle that a “normal” female – and to keep it I need fuel!

Mmm cheat meals…what’s your favorite?

Hands down – a burger. I’ve tried probably every good burger in Los Angeles because I was on a quest to find the best one! (PS – it’s the Stout Burger at Stout)

You wrote a book! Tell us about why you wrote “The Mind Diet”?

I wrote The Mind Diet as a step guide for people who felt they were starting, but stopping on their health and fitness journey and they didn’t know why, and for people who knew they could be healthier, but didn’t know exactly why they weren’t able to get there.

Through the exercises (that I call Mental Muscle Ups) in the book, The Mind Diet works to uncover these patterns and outdated programs that are hold the reader back; to then create a new set of rules to follow along so the reader can live as their optimal, healthiest and best self!

Do you feel any pressures being a fitness professional and keeping up a certain appearance?

Absolutely. There’s definitely is a certain responsibility that comes with being a fitness professional and staying in shape. Would you go to a stylist with terrible hair? A dentist with horrible teeth? 😉

That being said, I am still human. As I get older I have become more accepting of my humanness and curves when they show up, and I find that with this acceptance and realness I am able to become very close with my clients in a way that I wasn’t able to beforehand.

What is one of your favorite thing about working in the fitness and health industry?

Being able to meet so many people from all walks of life and to be able to help them in a manner that then allows them to help others in their own respective industries. It’s a gift to meet so many people and to have touched so many lives in my own way. I’m thankful for what I do everyday!

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