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The gym isn’t the only place you can get a great workout in. We are blessed to live in an area with countless hiking trails, and we try to take advantage of it! We absolutely LOVE to take our dogs hiking. It gives us a chance to get outdoors, get some fresh air, and get away from the craziness of LA for a while.

Runyon Canyon is a staple for us during the week because it is so convenient. However, on the weekends we like to drive out to Malibu to explore the trails out there! Zuma, Solstice Canyon, and Escondido Falls are a few of our favorites!

Our hiking essentials? A bottle of water, sunscreen, sunglasses, and a fanny pack! While it may seem a little 80’s, we both totally love to sport a fanny pack with a fun print as a convenient way to hold our phone, keys, and doggy bags!

For longer hikes, we always make sure to pack extra water, a protein bar for energy (Perfect Food Bar’s, Rise Bars, and Rx Bars are a few of our favorites), and a GoPro to capture all of the beautiful views!

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