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Okay ladies, let’s face it…since we were little girls, the media has bombarded us with what we should look like, and some of us bought into it and would feel not so awesome about ourselves (been there!). Now that we’re more fabulous and wiser, we SHOULD feel confident and not overly compare ourselves to others. BUT with all the social media, magazines, TV, & movies, Photoshop, filters, etc.…I can understand and identify with how it could be a difficult thing to do.


So here is my little pep talk for you as work towards your best happy and healthy self:

Only YOU can be you and remind yourself of that daily! Do NOT wish you looked or acted like someone else because you are pretty AWESOME!!


Be the best version of yourself and surround yourself with people who support you and your journey.

Focus on your mind & your body. Do not lose confidence if you see someone who has a “great” body…they are not better than you. You have different genetics, lifestyles, priorities, & body types. You have no idea what they are going through or what their journey has been. Also, practice daily healthy self-talk…and learn to say byeeeee to that negative self-talk!


Every BODY is different! It’s great to look at inspiring pictures of other women’s hard work…they will encourage you to work out, eat clean, and stay focused on your goals. No need to focus on meeting their body goals though. If we’re being honest, they may have had some surgical help or procedures to help them meet their goals, good lighting, an awesome filter, etc. (For example, if I’m looking at a photo of a woman who is 5’9 and I’m 5’5…we’re most likely not going to have the same body type/results so why strive for that!)


You never know who you could be inspiring. Be real, be authentic, be you! You are unique and important in your own way and don’t you forget it babe! Your clothing size or weight does not define you!

So take a look in the mirror and smile, write yourself a love note, and use your own photo as inspiration! Maybe it’s from a time you were healthier, stronger, weaker, happier, in your favorite outfit, in your favorite place…whatever it may be, use it to meet your desired healthy + happy lifestyle and mind!

Love yourself. Love your body & mind. Work towards the best YOU. Always!

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