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UGH bloat! It’s uncomfortable and not enjoyable…for anyone. I like being active at the pool/beach and feeling bloated makes me feel lethargic (bleh!). With summer here, you may be baring your midriff more and doing so bloat-free will make you definitely feel more comfy on the inside and confident!


To combat the bloat, here are some tips not only for summer, but year round!


8 things to avoid:

1) Carbonated drinks/sodas:

The bubbles can cause belly bulge or gas.


2) Dairy:

Gas, bloating, and belly discomfort…enough said! Especially if you’re lactose intolerant.


3) Alcohol/Sugary mixed drinks:

The natural sugars and the artificial sweeteners in drinks (i.e. Strawberry Daiquiris/Margs) have fructose, which can lead to bloat.


4) Sodium:

Too much salt makes you retain water (i.e. chips, salty pretzels, seasonings)


5) Starchy Whites/Carbs:

-White breads, rice, pasta, potatoes


6) Certain veggies/legumes:

  • Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, lima beans, lentils, baked beans, cabbage…healthy for you, but do cause you to bloat due to the complex sugar they have. (This doesn’t mean don’t eat these veggies…they’re good for you! BUT you may want to avoid them if you want to avoid bloat for certain situations…like bikinis or a hot date!)


7) Gum:

  • Yup! Chewing + swallowing large amounts of air can lead some people to have intestinal bloating.


8) Fried food/fast foods

-The saturated fats in these foods take longer to digest so you may want to steer clear.


Try this!


It will help you prevent water retention and makes your body release fluids. I know you’ll have to make a lot of bathroom trips, but you’ll be nice and hydrated!







Get moving!

Get your blood flowing by getting a workout in! Some planks and other core movements will definitely help. (And of course lifting some weights!)


Seeds and Nuts / Chicken / Celery / Green Beans / Squash / Lean turkey / Cranber
ries / Raisins-Foods


It will help with excess gas and bloating…and help with keeping a healthy gut!

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