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Alright ladies…let’s talk BOOTY!


There are so many different booty sizes and shapes and one is not better than the other. I will say though…a STRONG BOOTY is the best kind!


What do I mean by a “strong booty”? I mean actually building glute muscles. What happens when you build glute muscles? Not only will your booty become perkier and rounder (added bonus! ), but it helps you move faster, better, and be more explosive during movements!


Say whaaaat!? There’s more benefits to strong glutes than just looking good?! YES!


Your glutes are the largest AND strongest muscles in your body and made up of the gluteus minimus, medius, and maximus. We do so much sitting (at work, home, driving), so don’t let those muscles get weak!


Here are 2 reasons why you should be building strong buns…because looking good in jeans, leggings, bikinis, or spandex shorts on IG are not the only reason (but always a perk! lol).


Helps prevent injury

Injury means forced rest day…bleh! So get those peach emojis strong to help

decrease your risk of injury in your lower back, knees, and hamstrings.


Weak glutes? This can cause an imbalance in the hip, which can lead to knee pain. Strong glutes can reduce your risk of injuring your lower back during movements like squats and deadlifts.


Athletic Performance

Talk about improving speed, agility, and strength! It also helps with stability…stable pelvis allows for better movement. If you look at athletes in various sports, the glutes are strong and makes them faster and more explosive in their movements. Whether your lifting a barbell or sprinting, strong glutes will help you perform better. You’ll definitely see your lifting numbers go up!



How can you start building your booty muscles?



Start with the basics! Grab a barbell do some squats, hip thrusts, Bulgarian split squats!


*Do 3-5 sets of: (moderate to heavy weight)

-5 squats (go heavy as long as you’re maintaining good form!)

-10 hip thrusts (35#-85#)

-6R/6L Bulgarian split squats (35#-75#)




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