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It finally feels like Fall in Los Angeles today and since it’s almost Halloween…I’m keeping the pumpkin recipes coming! Not only are pumpkins delicious…they have great HEALTH benefits! Here are a few benefits of pumpkins… Vitamin A which help keeps those pretty eyes...

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Cinnamon Toast Pumpkin Seeds

Cinnamon Toast Pumpkin Seeds

CINNAMON TOAST PUMPKIN SEEDS I LOVE October and Halloween! I love pumpkin everything lol...basic I know! Are you getting into the Halloween spirit and planning on carving pumpkins? Well, save those pumpkin seeds! They make a fantastic snack! Ooh even a...

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Why You Should Lift Heavy

Why You Should Lift Heavy

To lift or not to lift? That is the question. Well, I say LIFT! Many women are turned off by lifting heavy weights because they think they’re going to “get bulky and manly”...sorry to break it to you ladies, but you won’t! It took me two years of heavy lifting and...

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  • #WCW Just a casual 200# split jerk from the blocks 💁🏻‍♀️ @coachkforest is such an inspiring athlete and coach!!🏋🏽‍♀️ She’s so FOCUSED and she definitely puts in her reps! (Also, her muscle ups are goals!)😜💪 #Liftheavyplaypretty
  • Let's do work!! 📣#totalbodytuesday time strong babes! Today's HIIT workout is good mix of 💪strength and 💦endurance. Tag your training partners and get those reps in!👯
🔷5-6 rounds of 40s on / 20s off: 🔻Battle Ropes
🔻KB Swings
🔻Assault Bike
  • I may be home 😷 sick BUT what better way to kick off your Monday than with a HOLIDAY GIVEAWAY!
Wanna win @trainwithvi for a friend, fam member, or yourself?! Enter below! ⬇️
1️⃣Follow @theprettylittlelifters & @trainwithvi
2️⃣ Comment below something you’re grateful for this holiday season!❤️
3️⃣ Extra entries...tag a friend(s)!
Good luck!! Winner will be announced FRIDAY 12/16 to celebrate my last day of work for winter break!!🤩
  • Shout out to all my fit friends who have taken time out of their day to work out with me and been in my videos!! It’s always so fun!!
Special shout out to almost birthday boo @harrisonbarnes07 (big 3-0!) for always being down to help me try out new party like this!😂🙌💙 #tb
  • Friday MOOD!!! Not only will today be my first day back in the gym in a week (SO EXCITED!)’s my last day of hitting the books for my added credential test and looking forward to some fun holiday festivities planned for the weekend!! What do you have going on?!
Btw check out my IG story for a #fbf photo from a non-fitness print shoot I did back in my Facebook reminded me🤠
@reebokwomen shoot
@cmoscat Photographer
  • I love seeing people spread the message of “women supporting women”...but do they really?
-Is it just when it’s someone in your circle?
-Is it only if they’re not doing better than you or not achieving something you want?
-Is it only when you want something from them?
-Is it only people in your industry?
Do you have to like every woman and support what they do?? No. But do a lil self-reflection on what it is about them turns you off. It may be something on you🤷🏽‍♀️.
Even if someone isn’t your cup of tea...finding SOMETHING good/positive you can support/see in them can actually add some growth, goodness, and tolerance to your life.
For example, there are some IG influencers who spread a message/image I don’t agree with, but I may support their creativeness or business sense.
Love you ladies!!
  • #WCW 💓 How cool is it to see @emilyschromm and her momma working out together!! Strong ladies!!💪 Do you ever train with your fam?! I don’t really get to, but would love to teach them to do some of the things I do! 🏋🏽‍♀️
  • 💥💥Double the action this Total Body Tuesday with a double kettlebell workout! So much stability and core🔥work sneaking in on this one because you have to utilize that core to get those KBs moving and stable overhead. 💪
Never used double KBs? Give it a shot! Start with lighter KBS till you build your confidence. Tag a friend who you want to try this Double Kettlebell Workout with!
🔷25min AMRAP •10 Double Kettlebell Cleans
•20 Double Kettlebell Lunges •10 Double Kettlebell Swings
•8R/8L Double Kettlebell Windmills
•10 Double KB Snatches
Tips: When swinging the KBs between your legs, turn your thumbs down to help the KBs from hitting each other. Also if using bigger bells, you may want to widen your stance a little👌
  • Whether you love Monday’s or not...put out that good energy so your co-workers and people you come across during the day feel the good stuff!
When I greet students in my class or meet someone’s amazing how much their energy can have on you (good & bad)! 😃😩 Some people can bring you down before they even open their mouths...have you experienced this?!🙋🏽‍♀️
Or maybe it’s you bringing the vibe down! Check in with yourself. When people meet me, I always want them to feel happy, awesome, and energetic!
Here’s to a GOOD week everyone!!!

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