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It finally feels like Fall in Los Angeles today and since it’s almost Halloween…I’m keeping the pumpkin recipes coming! Not only are pumpkins delicious…they have great HEALTH benefits! Here are a few benefits of pumpkins… Vitamin A which help keeps those pretty eyes...

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Cinnamon Toast Pumpkin Seeds

Cinnamon Toast Pumpkin Seeds

CINNAMON TOAST PUMPKIN SEEDS I LOVE October and Halloween! I love pumpkin everything lol...basic I know! Are you getting into the Halloween spirit and planning on carving pumpkins? Well, save those pumpkin seeds! They make a fantastic snack! Ooh even a...

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Why You Should Lift Heavy

Why You Should Lift Heavy

To lift or not to lift? That is the question. Well, I say LIFT! Many women are turned off by lifting heavy weights because they think they’re going to “get bulky and manly”...sorry to break it to you ladies, but you won’t! It took me two years of heavy lifting and...

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  • Grab a kettlebell, it’s #PLLTotalBodyTuesday 🙌
Kettlebell workouts are amazing for core, stability, and strength! All you need is 15 minutes...let’s go! Ooh and that last good for the core!!
Full video/rep breakdown on @youtube channel! Link in bio😘
  • 🌍Happy Earth Day!!! 🌎
I’ve been so inspired🤩 by my husband to be even more eco conscious over the past few years together. 💚
We do our best to use reusable items, use less plastic, recycle, donate items instead of trash them, walk places when we can, watch our energy usage, and recently started using @seafoodwatch at restaurants and grocery stores to make sure we’re buying seafood🦐 that’s fished or farmed in ways that support a healthy 🌊ocean.
We also love learning about organizations doing awesome things for animals! That’s why we’ve adopted two sea turtles from @loggerheadmarinelifecenter . Scallywag was released a couple months ago after a long rehab (YAY!) and Geppetto is currently being rehabbed.
Do you know of any awesome organizations we should know about?! Let me know please!😃
  • 🌻Spring break mini road trip time!!! Headed🚗 up north to spend the weekend in Monterey with my hubs!
Ready for the aquarium🐠 (I haven’t been in a while!), for some time by the coast🌊, and food (Lol always).
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!🐰😘
  • I found some PVC pipes in a storage room at school so of course I “borrowed” them (Lol #teacherlife ) and will repurpose them as barbell technique tools for my students next week!!
Can’t wait to teach them all the lifts because 1️⃣ I know how strong, powerful + confident it’ll make them feel and 2️⃣ I want them to learn how to lift properly so they can have a good lifting foundation and have this in their fitness skill box📦when they’re college-age/adults!
Goal for next school get some training barbells and weights for the girls!🙏🏼
  • 💖 #WCW to fellow #usctrojans @victoriagarrick 🏐 and these amazing female college athletes talking about their stories of being an athlete and society body pressures.
You have no idea how much I appreciate seeing college-age women doing GOOD things with their platform...because the world doesn’t need anymore skinny tea ambassadors 😉🙌
Tag a female athlete who needs to watch this. ⬇️⬇️⬇️
I’ve been getting a lot of messages recently asking how to handle the changes our bodies experience from sport, and most importantly how to ACCEPT those changes. I wanted to re-share this video I directed with @playerstribune to hopefully show how may girls battle with these same issues. It’s a constant fight to learn how to appreciate and love what we look like, but as athletes our body is what allows us to compete at such high levels! I hope this video makes you feel comforted, supported, and inspired. 🖤
Thanks again to these brave girls: @mcrightsideoflife @its_ambers_world @hannileach
@pbrockk @sarahmarielivi @oliviaontjes @chloechrysikopoulos
  • 💪You know what day it is! #PLLTotalBodyTuesday for ya!! This workout combines 💥explosive movements with static holds🔥 to strengthen your shoulders, legs, and core!
If you don’t have access to a barbell, sub with dumbbells!😃
Save, share with a friend, and let’s move!
This photo is one of my FAVS!! Look at these girls happy and flexin’!
What a beautiful thing to teach young girls to love, appreciate, & move their bodies to feel strong/athletic/confident (even when they don’t think they are yet).
Can you imagine if the young girls growing up right now didn’t have to deal with all the misinformation and societal pressures that our generation (and others) have been through?! I’m up for the challenge of helping facilitate this change!!
Officially on spring break I’m so excited to have free time to plan and sort through more projects and ideas that I have in mind to create this change!! 📷
  • 💯💯💯💯💯 Don’t be gross and go around thinking/acting like you’re better than everyone🙄...we’re better than that😉
  • Major MOOD because today at 3:30pm this teacher is on SPRING BREAK for a week!!!!
The spring burnout is real and I have been dragging, so this time off is definitely necessary!!
FYI...I don’t drink coffee, and teach around 120+ students a day. They need a break, I need a break...we ready haha!!
Love that I have a job where I get built in seasonal breaks! #teacherlife
Also, has anyone been on one of these water bikes?! Soooo fun!!
📷 @rikerbrothers 🏢 @viceroyloscabos

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