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Okay ladies, let’s face it…since we were little girls, the media has bombarded us with what we should look like, and some of us bought into it and would feel not so awesome about ourselves (been there!). Now that we’re more fabulous and wiser, we SHOULD feel confident...

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It finally feels like Fall in Los Angeles today and since it’s almost Halloween…I’m keeping the pumpkin recipes coming! Not only are pumpkins delicious…they have great HEALTH benefits! Here are a few benefits of pumpkins… Vitamin A which help keeps those pretty eyes...

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Cinnamon Toast Pumpkin Seeds

Cinnamon Toast Pumpkin Seeds

CINNAMON TOAST PUMPKIN SEEDS I LOVE October and Halloween! I love pumpkin everything lol...basic I know! Are you getting into the Halloween spirit and planning on carving pumpkins? Well, save those pumpkin seeds! They make a fantastic snack! Ooh even a...

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  • 🎉Kicking off my birthday week and last week as a 35y/o!! Sayyy what!!!
Love having a summer birthday!!! Favorite season!
(Also, pretty sure my aura color matches my swimsuit and nails!)😜
  • Have chin ups or pull-ups and want to get stronger at them? 💪
Add some weight!!
Not sure what weight you should use? You can find your max first!
(Then next time, you’ll know what half your max is and can work at that number for sets!)
Start light and then go up 2.5-5lbs each rep until you can’t get your chin over the bar. Rest between each rep (anywhere from 45-90s).
I used 35# here, but next I’d add a small plate since the next kettlebell up is too big of a jump for my next attempt.
Side-note: This chain always makes me feel bad ass haha!😎
  • #tbt to my trip to Nicaragua and pretty walls! This is where my mom and her side of the family is from...she immigrated to the U.S. when she was a little kid with her family.
🇳🇮 The other day my Lyft driver (from Puerto Rico) and I chatted in Spanish (FYI Spanish was my main language as a little kid...when I went to pre-K I had to speak more English).
At one point the driver called me “mija” and it brought SO many WARM and FUZZY feelings! 🥰
“Mija” and “nena” are words I grew up being called and they hold such a special place in my heart...even when a stranger says it!
It’s funny because growing up I didn’t take to the terms like “honey” for example. It  didn’t sit the same way for me.🤷🏽‍♀️
Anyone else relate?!
Some words just have a special meaning in certain languages. Even the other day when I was with my therapist, I was trying to describe how I was and the perfect word I needed was in Spanish and it couldn’t quite translate the same!😜
  • Dr. Marissa Bass at @BassChiropractic in Los Angeles teaches me about anxiety and it’s connection to spine health! #wcw to this smart woman for sharing her knowledge and skills!
  • Try this as a finisher for your workout today!
Today’s #PLLTotalBodyTuesday is inspired by #CrossFit athlete @karipearcecrossfit ! She made this look WAY easier!😜 It was spicy!
One round =
🔸Tap to wrists R/L
🔸Tap to shoulders R/L
🔸Tap to thigh R/L
Accumulate 6-10 rounds!! 🔹
If it’s too challenging right now to have your back against the wall, try them with your stomach facing the wall (get into it from a wall walk).
Let me see you give it a go! #PLLstrong
  • A N X I E T Y
It was on this trip to Kauai that I experienced my first week without heart palpitations daily since January.
It felt sooooo good. I felt so chill and had a calm mind (no work, no social media). All I cared about that week was hanging out with my husband and taking in the beauty around me.
My anxiety kicked back in when we got back to LA. Back to reality. I was in a post-Kauai funk😢 for two weeks because I wanted that carefree feeling back and no heart palpitations. It was hard and I definitely felt down.
Here are some things I’ve been doing to help:
• Therapy
• Breathing techniques
• Meditation with the Calm app
• Exercise
• Yoga
• Less time on social media
• No caffeine/less alcohol
• Anxiety Coaches podcast
• Journaling my triggers/thoughts that overwhelm me
• 8hrs of sleep nightly
• Allowing myself to slow down
• Keeping my home and self organized
• Supplements: Ashwagandha, Valerian Root
• Chiropractic Adjustments / Massages
If you are dealing with anxiety, please know that you’re not alone and that it affects so many people! I’m here for you!✨
  • You wanna do something?
You don’t need my permission, your parents, family, friends, life coach, Influencers, get it!
It’s YOUR life.
Have an idea you want to run with? Change your look? Be bold? Speak your mind? Move? Travel? Write a book? Start a business? Make new friends? Make a big life decision?
You don’t need any approval or permission from us! Get after it, because yes you’re capable, smart, and can!!!👑😘
  • I’m so glad this non-spandex moment out was captured🙌
Such a great evening with beauties @katrinakbowden and @hellolyndon celebrating the launch of @ametti.official new collection.
@hellolyndon posted yesterday about how nerve wrecking it can be going to events and not sure if you’re going to know anyone or if people will be friendly or nice. Talk about getting out of your comfort zone!
I started attending different events in 2014...sometimes solo, sometimes with a friend. I can be pretty social so that helps, but it was hard when everyone there knew each other and had their friend groups. Now it’s a lot easier for me (and there’s a good chance I’ll know at least one person there now!).
If you’re at event with friends and you see someone by themselves, say hi and introduce yourself! If you’re by yourself, try to not hide behind your phone so you seem approachable and look for other people solo! Make a buddy! Don’t let the fact that you may not know anybody stop you from attending something that you really want to go to😘 You got this!
  • Been having fun lifting this summer and making progress on getting my lift strength back up with consistency! Loved having opportunities to miss, pause, breathe, and refocus.
A couple years ago, 145# was MUCH easier for me to lift for reps. Now I’m trying to hit it once and I’m not mad about it!
I think it’s so IMPORTANT for people to not tie all their personal value to their numbers or performance. That can really mess with your head, make you feel not good enough, and start the comparison game🙅🏽‍♀️.
ENJOY the ebbs and flows of of your body, strength, and athleticism!

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