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Rise and shine! Wake up and start your day with some warm water with lemon. Do this while you’re making breakfast and getting ready to start your day.

Here are 10 simple BENEFITS to starting your day with warm water with lemon…


1) CLEANSES your system


2) Helps with DISGESTION


3) Boosts your IMMUNE system


4) Aids in WEIGHT LOSS


5) Keeps your lymph system HYDRATED


6) Clears SKIN


7) Promotes HEALING


8) ENERGIZES you and enhances your MOOD


9) BALANCES pH levels


10) May help with cutting CAFFINE



Give it a try!



-Brush your teeth before you drink it (to protect my tooth enamel)

-Use about ½ of a lemon each morning…if that is too sour for you use ¼ of a lemon

–Buy 4-5 lemons to last you the week. If you or your neighbor have a lemon tree…score!


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