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Meet Tiffany Angulo of The Pretty Little Lifters!


Tiffany is a born and raised Southern California girl. She grew up playing sports and living an active life. CrossFit and lifting are her favorite ways to train now! Tiffany has a Master’s in Teaching from USC and teaches at an elementary school in West Hollywood (her favorite subject areas to teach are PE and health of course!). While being a busy full-time teacher, she also coaches fitness classes, trains personal clients, and does online programming/nutrition too. She has been a kettlebell trainer and had the opportunity to work with various clients and NFL players in TN. Tiffany currently coaches at Burn Babe in West Hollywood and at Fit Club at Cedars-Sinai Medical Centers. She also has experience with fitness modeling for various brands, as well as on-set training & art directing for fitness photoshoots.


Her mission with The Pretty Little Lifters is to empower women to lift some weight, be strong, show them muscles are still feminine, challenge themselves to see what their body is capable of, and gain confidence in themselves (and feel bad ass!). She hopes to inspire people to make healthy changes to their lifestyle, become active & fit for life, create a balanced daily life, and feel good inside & out!


Tiffany believes that lifting and CrossFit can not only make you physically strong, but it takes your mental game to another level! Her passion for training hard, lifting heavy, and living a healthy lifestyle has flourished even more since she started this type of training four years ago.


Ready to make positive changes to your fitness and health?

Email Tiffany at info@theprettylittlelifters for fitness or nutrition coaching!


Lift Heavy, Play Pretty!