Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and friends and enjoyed some delicious food! I hope you ate whatever you wanted and that you didn’t feel bad about it…no need to!


Thanksgiving food tends to be a little heartier and you may eat more in quantity than you’re used to in your daily eating…so it’s no surprise if you’re feeling a little sluggish a couple days later. My family has two Thanksgiving celebrations so I have two days of yummy eating and I enjoy every second of it!


All those starchy carbs, wine/cocktails, and desserts tasted amazing this holiday, but now I’m ready to get back to my regularly scheduled program!

My stomach is feeling a little blah today from the types of food I ate so here are some TIPS I use to help me feel a little less bloated and sluggish after a big meal(s):


1) Drink warm lemon water to cleanse the system.


2) Keep your 3 main meals light and portioned (breakfast: egg whites with veggies, lunch: turkey salad (use those leftovers!), dinner: salmon and veggies).


3) Snacks should be light too…like green juice or veggies with hummus.


4) Stay hydrated throughout the day. Drink that water! Keep a water bottle with you as a reminder.


5) Get a workout in! This always energizes me, gets me moving, and sweaty!

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