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Time flies when you’re lifting barbells! Four years ago I signed up for a membership at Brick Los Angeles and it was one of the best decisions of my life! It may seem weird to think a gym and fitness can have such an impact and some people see it as just a place to “workout,” but it’s SO MUCH more than that.


The first day I walked into Brick, their athletes were training for CrossFit SoCal regionals and it was intimidating AF!!! Guys were doing ring muscle ups and the ladies were doing handstand push-ups. My first thought was, “How the heck are they doing that!!!”…followed quickly by my second thought, “I WANT to be able to do THIS!!”

Photo by @benjorg

I wasn’t used to being around so many strong women and it was AWESOME!! The fact that they were training right there next to the guys and holding their own was bad ass!


I walked in at a skinny, 115lbs. and didn’t know what a power clean, amrap, or emom were and I had to use a band for pull-ups in wods. I had just left a globo gym and was soooo looking for a challenge. I used to train with kettlebells and do functional fitness training, and I was missing pushing myself and being strong.

Photo by @benjorg

In CrossFit, there is ALWAYS something to make progress towards, so it’s like a never-ending challenge! I have learned to train instead of exercise, get out of my comfort zone, and how empowering it is to be strong and see what your body is capable of!


I got to meet amazing people who push and inspire me. Talk about surrounding yourself with people who will push you to do better, lift more, get stronger, and get faster!

Photo by @benjorg

One thing that I always have to remember as I reflect on the last 4 years is this…don’t dwell on what you still can’t do, but instead celebrate all the small victories, things you can do now, and PRs (personal records) along the way!! Put in your reps and make that progress!


Since I started at CrossFit, I have put on 10lbs. of muscle and can….

-deadlift over 200#

-clean more than my body weight

-do bar muscles ups, a freestanding handstand push-up, ring muscle ups, over 10 strict pull-ups , and do 27 push-ups in one minute

-run a mile sub 7:30

-snatch 100#

-not dread rowing 1k

-do double unders in a wod

-squat my body weight for reps

(to name a few! celebrate your accomplishments!)

So grateful to have found CrossFit and Brick Los Angeles…definitely helped shaped me into the athlete and the person I am today! Thinking about starting CrossFit or have more questions about this type of training? Hit me up and would be glad to answer any questions or share more of my experience with you!

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