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When I started CrossFit 4 years ago, the terminology was like a foreign language. Seriously! I constantly had to Google certain abbreviations or acronyms to be on the same page as everyone else. Whether you do CrossFit, have friends that CF, or are thinking about it…here 15 terms that you will hear, so get to know them! I’ll save you the Google time!


1) WOD: Workout of the Day

2) Box: Another name for a Crossfit gym

3) Rep: Repetition. For example, a WOD may have 10 reps of push-ups. (Look out for those no reps…when you do not do the movement completely! Like doing a squat and not getting below parallel.)

4) Rx: Prescribed workout/weight. (Haha get it?! Prescription= rx )

5) Scale: When you scale back the workload or modify the movements.

6) Metcon: metabolic conditioning workout (I love metcons!!)

7) EMOM: Every minute on the minute…perform certain movements every minute for X amount of minutes

8) AMRAP: As many rounds (or reps) as possible within a given amount of time (i.e. you have 15 minutes to go through the wod as many times as you can)

9) RFT: Rounds (or reps) for time

10) Time cap: The amount of time you have to complete the workout before (for example, 30min time cap to finish the wod)

11) 1RM: One-rep max…the maximum amount of weight one can lift in a single repetition for a given exercise

12) PR: Personal record (i.e. lifting the most weight you’ve lifted to date or finishing a certain workout faster than you have before)

13) Hook grip: Wrap your hands around the barbell and grab as much of your thumb as you can with the first two fingers.

14) Pood: A Russian unit of measurement used for kettlebells. (i.e. 1 pood = 36lbs, 1.5 pood= 54lbs, 2 pood= 72lbs)

15) The Girls: A series of benchmark WODs, given a girl’s name, that serve to measure your performance and improvements.

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