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Have you ever taken a body composition test? I’ve tried about 5 different methods, but I was so excited to try the Dexa Scan for the first time because I heard it was the most accurate body composition test out there.

The reason I like to take 2-4 body composition tests yearly is to track my progress. I don’t use the weight on the scale as a measure of my body/health since that number doesn’t differentiate the fat from the muscle etc. I like to see if I’m maintaining my muscle gainz I’ve worked hard for! I also want to make sure I’m keeping my body fat in a healthy range.

I recently went to Body Spec in Culver City to try out the Dexa Scan and it was SO EASY! Here’s a video of the experience so you can know what to expect…

Want to see how the Dexa Scan works? Watch here!

It measures fat tissue, lean tissue, visceral fat, bone density, and more. It also tells you your resting metabolic rate, which is the minimum number of estimated calories your body requires daily, at rest.

One thing that I noticed about the Dexa Scan was my body fat percentage was higher than on other tests (Haha it’s okay, don’t let yourself freak out!). It’s just a very precise and accurate measure so it accounts for more than most tests. If you have specific goals you’re working towards, I highly recommend a body composition test like this! When you’re finished with the scan, someone on their team goes over the results with you and can answer your questions. It is a much better representation of your overall body than stepping on a bathroom scale!

Want to take a Dexa Scan?! Head over to to find a location near you and to learn more about it!

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